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2004.5-2006 Volvo S40 Side Mirror Cover (Painted Cap)

Genuine Volvo
All colors available* (order by VIN)
Select the Driver or Passenger side

*Except for Mistral Green for the RH side (discontinued)
Any 2004, 2005, or 2006 Volvo S40 2.4i or T5
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This is a factory replacement cap for the side view mirror that comes pre-painted in your body color. Please be certain that your mirror housing is still in good enough shape to accept a new one.

There are over a dozen different possible colors, which makes tracking a used one down in your color quite difficult. You can end that chase by leaving us your VIN below & letting us ship you a brand new one freshly painted in your color.

When installing this, you may want to squirt a couple of beads of silicone caulk on the housing top, just before snapping on the new cover, because they are known to fly off for no good reason (which you may have already witnessed)...

1 Year Warranty (limited to the cost of purchased part; installation cost is not covered)

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