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Volvo 740 Tune-Up Kit [OEM Parts]

Any Volvo 740 - select Bosch or Regina below
(1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992)
Pricing Note:
Add $19.85 if you have a Regina system
P/N :
BOSCH-1346787+1346788+BOUGI-271483+COIL WIRE
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This is an all-original equipment kit to fire up your ride again.

The four parts included are:

Distributor cap•Distributor Cap
(list price 69.46)

Bosch no. 04169

Volvo no. 1346788

Distributor rotor•Distributor Arm
(list price 28.30)

Bosch no. 03215

Volvo no. 1346787

Volvo 740 Ignition Wires


•Ignition Wire Set
(list price 84.15)

Part number 271483

Manufactured by
Bougicord for Volvo


The two types of coil wires (Bosch & Regina)•Coil Wire
(list price 17.62)

Manufactured by
Bougicord for Volvo

Part number 3531277 (for those with Bosch systems)

Those with Regina systems will need a different coil wire - Regina 740s use 6842734. You can get an OEM one for $19.85 as part of your kit by selecting the box below.

*A set of spark plugs can be ordered here for $11.80*

1 Year Warranty (limited to the cost of purchased part; installation cost is not covered)

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