We're a small business with a long history of selling only Volvo car parts.

    • Voluparts Inc. is an independent parts warehouse that caters to Volvo owners. We were established in 1977, and for the last 30 years we've sold Volvo parts out of the same 18,000 ft² location in metro Atlanta, GA
    • We've been shipping parts nationwide on an everyday basis for decades, but the bulk of our orders has always come from the local Volvo crowd. We are a real brick-&-mortar store with a proven track record.
    • This web store sprang up in late 2011 to help us connect with a new generation of Volvo owners.

We know a thing or two or three about Volvo parts.

The collective experience of our team with Volvo parts & how they function is our biggest asset - try asking us a question

  • Everyone employed at Voluparts drives a Volvo ... and none of us is on our first.
  • All three senior sales team members have been full-time employees since the 1980s.
  • We've seen what breaks on our Volvos, & we've learned what breaks on yours. In most situations, we can give replacement tips or help you understand what you do (or don't) need in order to fix a problem with your Volvo.

Who aren't we?

A guy in his basement, the parts department of a Volvo dealer, or one of those giant online parts sites whose employees don't actually know what it is they're selling. We don't drop ship out of undisclosed locations, we have no overseas call center, & we don't accidentally ship you Mitsubishi parts.

Only a fraction of our inventory is listed online. We also dismantle Volvos!

Many new parts that we stock still aren't listed here. But we also have one of the biggest selections of USED Volvo parts anywhere in the US, and since we're not up north, rust isn't a real factor. We buy wrecked or retired Volvos & part them out, keeping the good stuff. If you have a pre-2003 car, chances are good that we have the used parts you're after. Plus, for almost anything we don't have in stock, new or used, we can special order it and have it at your door within a week.

So please, if you don't see your parts here, don't think we don't have them. Just call us or fill out our request form & get pricing & availability for ANY Volvo car part. When you need Volvo parts, go to Voluparts.