1998 Volvo C70 ABS Module [Rebuilt]



Any 98 C70 Convertible or Coupe
$50.00 refundable core charge is required


This is a rebuilt anti-lock brake control module - more reliable than a used one, and much less than a new $600 one. To order, you will need to know whether your car does or does not have Traction Control (TRACS). Most 98 C70s don't, but some have a special dash bulb that lights up when you turn the key on. This light, if you have it, displays on the left side of the dash, in the middle, on the bottom. See your owner's manual for the exact location & shape of the warning light. Or, give your car's VIN to a dealer & ask them for the part number you need (it's 8602266 if you have TRACS, or 8602265 if you don't).

You will be given the $50 refund when we receive your old, bad ABS module (the 'core') back. We send that out to get it rebuilt, & eventually it becomes someone else's unit.

If you're replacing the module yourself, below you may want to add a (small, hard to find) socket for the screws for $4.30.

The 'check engine' light should cut off & the speedometer should work again once the faulty module is replaced. Please note that there is a small chance that a scanner will be needed to reset the ABS light after replacing the part, particularly on cars with TRACS... but try driving around the street first.

Warranty Information

6 Month Warranty