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Volvo V40 Variable Valve Timing Parts

The exhaust camshaft gear common to all V40s has been known to leak oil. The o-ring seal inside of it is the usual suspect, but Volvo doesn't offer just a replacement VVT o-ring. A used VVT gear is not recommended because the aging seal on another used one can't be considered much more trustworthy than the original.

Most folks will want to replace the gear & associated cam seals & timing equipment at the same time, both for good measure & to save labor costs down the road. But if you need a V40 VVT solenoid as well, we've got you covered. In any case, VVT replacement will require the use of a proper cam lock tool to hold the rear cams in place.

  • Volvo V40 Camshaft Exhaust Pulley (V.V.T. Gear)
    Volvo V40 Camshaft Exhaust Pulley (V.V.T. Gear)
    Leaking oil like a sieve around your V40's cam sprocket on the exhaust side? This factory replacement VVT (Variable Valve Timing) gear contains an internal seal which Volvo chooses not to offer separately, but is usually the...
  • Volvo V40 V.V.T. Solenoid (Actuator)
    Volvo V40 V.V.T. Solenoid (Actuator)
    Factory replacement exhaust camshaft timing solenoid. Be sure to also replace the gasket for this & also check out our timing parts kit that you may want to replace at the same time...
  • Volvo V40 V.V.T. Solenoid Gasket
    Volvo V40 V.V.T. Solenoid Gasket
    Replacement green gasket for the exhaust camshaft solenoid.