1999-2004 Volvo C70 ABS Module [Rebuilt]

$129.00 + 50.00 refundable core charge



Price includes refundable $50 core charge


Is your orange ABS indicator/warning light on the dashboard blinking sporadically or staying lit? If this part is not replaced soon, the ABS light will stay on all the time, the check engine light will also come on, and the speedometer will quit on you too.

This Rebuilt anti-lock brake control module - more reliable than a Used one, and much less than a new one from the dealer - will fit any 1999-2004 C70 once you specify whether your car has TRACS (Traction Control), STC (Stabiity Traction Control), or neither. Cars that have STC have an STC switch on the console. Cars with TRACS have a special dash bulb that lights up when you turn the key on. You can't have both, but you could have neither. The TRACS warning light, if you have it, displays on the left side of the dash towards the mid-bottom. See your owner's manual for the exact location & shape of it. Or, give your VIN (serial #) to a dealer & ask them for the part number you need.

The Volvo part number for a 99-04 Volvo C70 ABS Module is either 8619544 (without TRACS or STC), 8622097 (with TRACS), or 8619545 (with STC).

You're paying $129 for the rebuilt module and a $50 deposit because we want your old, bad ABS module (the 'core'). The recycling process is simple; receive our module, send your old one back in the same packaging, & we refund $50 when we get it.

If you're a 'shadetree mechanic' replacing the module yourself, you can add a (small, hard to find) socket for the screws for $4.30

The speedo and 'check engine' light will work again once the ABS is fixed. Please note that there is a small chance that a Volvo scanner will be needed to reset the light after replacing the module...  but try driving around the street first. 

Warranty Information

6 Month Warranty